Research and Development

The research and development team has been the strength of character for Sahayamatha Salterns Growth.The Company has state of art lab facilities and qualified staff to carry out research and quality tests on a daily basis.

A summary of the research and development activates currently going on in Sahayamatha Salterns are:
• To improve the productivity in salt production areas.
• Improving the brightness of salt
• Reducing the Insoluble levels
• Reducing heavy metal contamination
• Reducing chemical impurity
• Energy conservation in salt works
• Mechanization of salt works
• Development of new byproducts of salt

The company has salt consultants working closely with the brine management to improve the productivity of salt. A rapid progress is taking place for mechanization of salt works, trial tests are being carried out in the salt fields. University of Greenwich, London has awarded a distinction for a MBA Research Dissertation on “How to improve the effectiveness of Indian Salt Supply Chain” which was carried out by one of our Directors Mr G.N.Chakravarthy of Sahayamatha Salterns Private Limited .