Sahayamatha Salterns Pvt. Ltd., is situated in Tuticorin, (Tamilnadu state) India. We are one of the largest salt and chemical manufacturing company in South India.  We position ourselves one among the best quality conscious chemical producer in India. The average annual salt production is 2.5 lakh M.Tonnes per annum. The present total area of the group's operation is 2500 acres. The company has won a reputation in the salt market for being one of the best in India.

We manufacture Refined Iodised Free Flow salt in two plants producing 1,20,000 M.Tonnes per annum. Out of this quantity 60,000 M.T per annum is supplied to Multi National Companies which is distributing their product in four southern states. The balance quantity is marketed in our brand name "SPRINKLE" which is popular in South India.
•    2500 acres of salt pans
•    Two Salt Refinery Plants at Kalloorani & Veppalodai
•    Administrative office in Tuticorin
•    Bromine Plant at Veppalodai
•    Bromine Plant at Valinokkam
•    Sodium Silico Flouride plant at, Veppalodai
•    Potassium Silico Flouride plant at, Veppalodai
•    Dried Flower Manufacturing Unit at Valasamudram
•    Transport Fleet

•    2.5 Lakh M.T. of Common Salt
•    1,25,000 M.T. per annum of Refined Free-flow salt from Two refineries
•    500 M.T. of Liquid Bromine per annum (Largest in South India)
•    100 M.T. of Hydro-bromic acid
•    25,000 M.T. of Marine Gypsum (Largest in South India)
•    6000 M.T. of Sodium Silico Flouride (Largest in South India)
•    5000 M.T. of Magnesium Chloride (Largest in South India